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What is the best project delivery method?

Every time you turn around, another Project Delivery Method is arriving on the scene. Most of them are designed to maximize profits for the Designer and Constructor, and in most cases by significant amounts. Tactics used by most of these Project Delivery Methods include clouding transparency through over-the-line relationships and creating a false sense of trust. Can you really afford to pay double for your project?

It is important to consult with a highly experienced Project Professional that brings practical knowledge in every Project Delivery Method and most importantly, with zero conflicts of interest.

This is a true story:

Kramer Companies was approached by an Owner who had been engaged by a company with a specific project delivery method that included an estimated construction cost of $24mm. Kramer Companies was contracted and employed by the Owner to vet what had been proposed, as well as vet other potential Project Delivery Methods as well for construction. The conclusion: Depending on the Project Delivery Method selected, the apples-to-apples construction cost to the owner was either $24mm or $14mm. As you can see, there are significant differences. This type of transparency is rare. As you may expect, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Construction Managers, etc., for obvious reasons, do not want this to be common knowledge.

On your next project, be truly informed. Contact Kramer Companies for a no-cost review of your project with recommendations for the best project delivery method!


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