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Use of Drones in Construction Inspections

A large part of Kramer Companies’ job when hired on by an owner is to conduct regular and consistent inspections of the jobsite and work completed. During these inspections, Kramer is monitoring that the construction is compliant with the contract documents and tracking the Contractor’s progress/schedule. In the 25 years of Kramer Companies being in business, technology has expanded and shifted, exposing us to different ways of completing the job of Owner Representation. Drones, specifically, have rapidly evolved, giving Kramer the ability to provide our owners with more than “boots on the ground” inspections. With high quality imaging, Kramer can capture what the naked eye may not be able see. Drone technology allows Kramer to inspect high rise buildings, tight spaces, and deep trenches. Below are just a few examples of how Kramer Companies utilizes drones for inspections:

Compliance Inspections

Compliance inspections are an incredibly important type of inspection completed by Kramer Companies. Kramer wants to ensure that Contractors follow all design specifications as stated in the contract documents and provide compelling proof of such. With drone capabilities, Kramer is able to observe concrete cover on out of reach columns, welds on structural steel, and stored materials on roofs, to name a few. When Contractors deviate from contract requirements, Kramer quickly has confirming evidence to bring to the project team.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging allows Kramer to use infrared energy to investigate building envelope issues that may be invisible to the naked eye. With this drone capability, Kramer is able to pinpoint areas with potential moisture intrusion, deficient insulation, energy loss, and/or HVAC deficiencies.

Progress Tracking

Through Kramer's extensive experience and knowledge base, Kramer understands what requires documentation and how to determine the critical timing of specific activities. With drone technology, Kramer provides the owner with chronological tracking of the project, design through construction, by aerial photography and videography.

Forensic Inspections

Oftentimes, Kramer Companies is brought in near the end of a project and asked to complete forensic inspections when issues arise on a project. This includes Kramer gathering information and developing discovery appropriate for legal personnel to review. Drone images often play a key role in forensic discovery. When an Owner hires Kramer at the inception of a project, this process is smooth due to the detailed documentation and oversight Kramer provides throughout the project process.

While our drone technology is not required to complete our role successfully, it has significantly improved our abilities and the services we can offer our owners.

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