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What is an Owner Representative?

An Owner Representative is an extension of the Owner with comprehensive expertise in all project disciplines. Along with this expertise comes the responsibility to maintain transparency throughout the project process and hold all project professionals accountable.

Most companies that claim to provide Owner Representative services do not operate exclusively in this capacity. In fact, they look at Owner Representation as an Add-On service. Their bread and butter is focused on other project disciplines and further cultivating relationships with other project professionals. This poses a significant conflict of interest in the project and only the Owner suffers the effects. I would challenge you with this question:

How can an Owner Representative who also provides civil design services, for example, hold an Architect’s feet to the fire if they are concerned about building or maintaining a relationship with that Architect for future civil engineering work?

The answer is: they cannot.

Judgment becomes clouded and their sole motivation becomes the protection of these relationships and not what they’ve been hired to do – protect the OWNER. This is one of many conflicts of interest the Owner falls victim to, most of the time, without any knowledge of it even occurring. This often results in negative cost and quality impacts.

Hire Kramer Companies to represent and protect you on your next project. Owner Representation is all we do!


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