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An Owner’s Secret Weapon: Project Length Documentation

Project Length documentation acts as a secret weapon for the Owner. Kramer Companies understands that the importance of clear and comprehensive documentation cannot be emphasized enough during the construction process.

Through Kramer's extensive experience and knowledge base we know what needs to be documented and how to determine the critical timing of specific activities. Kramer's media package provides you with chronological photo, video, and timelapse tracking of your project, from design through construction, by way of land and air, which yields compelling proof of contract schedule compliance. By using Kramer's media package you will receive a past and present visual as-built record while utilizing the best quality control tool available to forecast the future.

Below are a few reasons why you may benefit from project-length documentation and have this secret weapon in your back pocket.

1. Ensuring Accountability

Transparency and accountability go hand in hand with successful project management. By diligently documenting the project's duration, expenditure, and changes, it allows Kramer Companies to hold all parties accountable for their actions. This accountability fosters a sense of responsibility and encourages stakeholders to adhere to agreed-upon timelines and budgets and potentially save Owners BIG MONEY.

2. Mitigating Disputes and Claims

It goes without saying, disputes will come up during the project. However, a well-documented project can act as a very robust shield against potential legal battles. As Kramer maintains detailed records of communications, change orders, and delays, they have substantial evidence to resolve disputes amicably, saving time and resources for all involved parties.

3. Navigating Critical Path Schedule

The critical path refers to the series of tasks that have a direct bearing on the project's completion date. By keeping photo documentation, Kramer can identify critical path items and compare them to the schedule provided to monitor progress.

With this secret weapon, Owners can maintain control of their project and end up with great footage!


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