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Construction Workers


We offer full-time and part-time commercial and residential project inspection services, including infrastructure. By enforcing contract and/or code compliance, our Clients receive a higher quality project.

Inspection Services include but are not limited to:

  • Observation and inspection of construction activity to ensure adherence to contract and/or codes

  • Identification of potential non-compliance issues, design errors and omissions, and unforeseens. Provide corrective action plan.

  • Oversite of all project disciplines (Architect; Engineer; Testing Agency; Governing Agencies; Utility Companies; Contractors; etc)

  • Documentation of daily project activity (log book, as-built drawings, and progress photos)

  • Track material quantities

  • Review submittals and shop drawings for compliance with contract documents

  • Participate in substantial and final completion inspections

  • Monitor and enforce project budget and schedule

  • Attend and chair progress meetings with Client and project professionals

  • Forensic Inspections (legal grade)

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